Win-Win for stakeholders

Sometimes projects are stuck in the middle of the initiation stage and it would become deadlock of nobody is willing to give way.

It would happen if the interest of the a stakeholder is jeopardized by the project outcome. As a result, that stakeholder may create a lot of troubles / hurdles for the project. No matter how hard we push, there will not be much progress.

Under that situation, we need to think about alternative solutions which can strike the balance of the interest of different stakeholders. In a nutshell, we need a win-win solutions in order to push the project forward.

We always heard of people taking about win-win. So, what are constituents of win-win solutions:

  • the solution is proposed by a trustworthy person, not the representative of any stakeholders.
  • think of your feet and see what the stakeholder values and concerns the most and start from there

In addition to a good win-win solution, it is also important to establish / create the environment / occasion for all parties to agreed on the new solutions without putting any stakeholders under the spotlight that he/she was the loser who gave in. For this piece of work, it is more an arts than a science thing.

Sometimes if time the limiting factor, we can also try to another path – escalation. Don’t think that you are impotent and thus you need to escalate. Sometimes, the boss or project sponsor will admire your escalation and they are more than happy to help if the problem can get fixed in any earlier stage before it slipped. Talk to the higher management, get your opinion and rethink your strategy to resolve the deadlock – that’s the way to go!

Good Luck!

One thought on “Win-Win for stakeholders

  1. Alparslan

    Yes. So true. We have to derive our maitvotion from within and not depend on appreciation of others. This is because to finish some projects successfully, we often have to disappoint a group of stakeholders. As project managers, we have to develop the capacity to cope with the reaction we will get when we disappoint people. This is tough because we are wired to seek the approval of others and be liked. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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