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When it was rolled in 2011, there were posts saying that Google’s Ads Preferences Manager does not work. After almost 1 year and a half, the product has improved itself in both user experience, visibility as well as control.

'Why this Ad' feature in Google SERP

‘Why this Ad’ feature in Google SERP

The tool available when you click on ‘why this ad’ textlink at the top right hand corner of the ad module at the top. When you click on it, you will see the list of Ad showed in the result page. It will explained to you, 1 by 1, why the ad was matched and shown, e.g. it’s perfect matched to the search query, or it is related to the queries you have ever searched.

On the other hand, I’ve found something interesting that the Ads Preference Manager is also available directly along an Ad. Earlier today, I searched for ‘hosting service’ and there was a ‘Google AdWords’ ad in the right reel of the result page. Below the Ad Listing, there is a textlink enbled me to ‘block all ads from’.

Textlink enable user to 'block all ads from'

Textlink enable user to ‘block all ads from’

The blocking record was then available inside the Ads Preference Manager Interface so that I can unblock it sometime later if I change my mind.

I think this would be a 3-win situations that:

1. For users: Google gives more control for users to opt out seeing ad from certain advertisers.

2. For Google: the tool created another channel to collect user feedback to enhance their Ad Matching and Ad Personalization system as well

3. For Advertiser: this tool would reduce the wastage of the ad campaign and indirectly help them to optimize negative keywords for their campaigns

On the other hand, I would like to highlight that Google does a very good job in put a video on their page to explain what and why they are doing this. As a Google users, I am very happy about it. Here is the help page and the video:

Google Personalized Ad : HelpPage

Video on Ads Preference Manager:

One thought on “Google Ads Preference Manager

  1. Jack Yan

    Thank you for your link to my 2011 post. Google rolled out Ads Preferences Manager in 2009, which was why I was so surprised that for two years, no one picked up the obvious privacy breach. (They made a lot of videos back then, too.) After gathering the evidence you linked to, I went to the NAI, who were able to replicate the error. They claimed that they had then forced Google to fix things. The situation was not dissimilar to Google’s well publicized hacking of Safari users—which they also stopped after they were busted, that time by the Murdoch Press in 2012.


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