Chase closes WePay acquisition, a deal valued up to $400M

Article: The first is business as usual at WePay, which will continue to be run by co-founder Bill Clerico. The company already works with crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, but also a number of others that have built SaaS elements into their business models and use WePay to collect payments for services rendered in the cloud. These include FreshBooks, Meetup (itself recently acquired by WeWork, so watch this space), Constant Contact and Freshbooks.

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The tech industry is dominated by 5 big companies — here’s how each makes its money

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The tech industry is dominated by 5 big companies — here’s how each makes its money

More and more, everything crucial about the present and future of consumer tech runs through at least one five companies: Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Smartphones, laptops, app distribution, voice assistants and AI, streaming music and video, cloud computing, online shopping, advertising — whatever it is, chances are it runs through the oligopoly in some way. The list of startups that have bought by the big five, meanwhile, is almost too long to count.

Each of the five make great products, to be clear, but it’s hard to deny that they control how tech money flows.

How each of those companies make their revenues, though, varies wildly. As this recent chart from Visual Capitalist shows, each of the big five hold their empires on the back of different industries. Google’s parent company Alphabet, for all the dabbling it does, is an online advertising company first and foremost. Facebook is, too. Apple is a hardware company through and through, while everything about Amazon flows from its e-commerce business.

Though it’s still the dominant player in PCs, Microsoft stands out as the only tech giant with diversified sources of revenue. It has Windows, of course, but with the PC market in decline, it’s also getting significant gains from Office, the Azure cloud business, Xbox, Ads, and various other businesses.

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