IT Science Case Study: Transforming a CRM System to Deliver Self-Service – eWEEK

Today’s Topic: Shortening Claims Processes, Improving Customer Experience With Intelligent Automation

Name the problem to be solved: A Fortune 500 insurance company was dealing with nearly 650,000 open pregnancy claims annually, a process that was completely manual. At the time, the insurer, who wishes to remain anonymous for this story, relied on contact center agents to make phone calls and send emails to process customer claims. On average, agents attempted to reach claimants six times before being able to collect key dates to process disability claims. They would need to reach out to the claimant on predetermined dates to confirm if claimants had stopped working and then, based on those answers, there would be follow-up questions. Each call cost the insurer roughly $17, and the average time to process a disability claim was three weeks.

List the key components in the solution: Using Ushur FLOW builder, the claims executives at the insurance company constructed the processes and conversation paths to reach claimants over automated two-way text messages. With Ushur, it’s as simple as mapping out current manual processes and designing an automated workflow via the visual builder. Using Ushur APIs, the insurer brought claimant responses back into its proprietary and legacy claim management system. Ushur also provided an additional safety net by providing compliance to regulatory requirements in multiple countries. The insurer was able to transform its decades-old CRM system to deliver self-service for its mobile customers within a matter of days without having to invest millions developing a solution in-house.

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