Monthly Archives: December 2017

Over 2,500 Hong Kong taxis ditch cash and sign up to WeChat Pay, Alipay So far over 1,000 taxis have signed up for WeChat Pay HK while over 1,500 taxis have chosen Alipay.

Chase closes WePay acquisition, a deal valued up to $400M

Article: The first is business as usual at WePay, which will continue to be run by co-founder Bill Clerico. The company already works with crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, but also a number of others that have built SaaS elements into their business models and use WePay to collect payments for services rendered in the cloud. These include FreshBooks, Meetup (itself recently acquired by WeWork, so watch this space), Constant Contact and Freshbooks.

Apple Pay Cash starts rolling out to iPhone users in the US


IBM’s new Power9 chip was built for AI and machine learning