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These 14 tech companies offer their UK employees the best pay and benefits

Silicon Valley tech firms are famous for showering their employees with benefits on top of what could already be considered a substantial salary.

British employees have also found that tech companies tend to be generous when it comes to compensation.

Glassdoor, the anonymous employee review website, has published its list of the companies that offer their UK employees the best pay — including salaries and bonuses — as well as other benefits. Out of the 25 firms on Glassdoor’s list, most of them are in tech and hail from across Europe as well as the US.

Glassdoor relied on feedback from employees over the past year who rated their satisfaction with their salary and compensation on a five-point scale. The rating takes into accounts all benefits and perks, not just money. That means that some tech companies that may not offer all their employees the biggest paycheck still made it onto the list.