Monthly Archives: December 2012

Stressful Project Manager

I was very stressful lately just because there were tonnes of works need to be finished within a tight schedule. Our counterparts / partners keep on chasing the status and ETA. Internally, our programme managers were also chasing the status of every single outstanding items. Think about I have to deal with 3 to 4 different programme managers each day, which is  a torture on me. My life was so miserable and I really hated my job in the last 2 days.

After 2 full days of intensive, dedicated and focus to work on those tasks based on the priority and schedule defined with one of the programme  manager, I have almost finished 70% of activities of that projects before the due days. I am so happy and I feel much more energetic today that i can spend some time to start to work on some tasks that the programme manager did not chase me for a few weeks. In addition, I am much more enthusiastic to work on other project as well. For example, I will take a more proactive role to jot down the notes and send out the meeting minutes to attendees and the stakeholders. I would also try to speed up the pace of the meeting and close the conversation when I thought it was a deadlock before we collect more information and data for decision making.

I have long been working under stress and I did not get satisfaction out of my work. That was a very big problem in the last few days. This was a good lesson learn for myself that:

  • Planning and scheduling is even more important when you got limited time to finish a lot of work
  • bury your head under the sand cannot solve the problem and it would make things even worse
  • the more you are frustrated, the more you would complain and the only result is less productive and less efficient

Thank you my programme manager!