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How to get idea approved in 10 minutes?

It is not a joke. If you need people to approve your idea, you need to spearhead the information you are going to convey. There is no time to build rappport, there is no time for ice-breaking and what you can do is go for it.

The idea must be very clear cut, straightforward and simple enough to be understood. You might want to specify the upside of your ideas and the drawback of the alternatives.

Don’t be too nervous about dead air. Let it be, you counterpart might take time to digest the information you presented. They would ask you if they want to clarify anything.

At the same time, if you have a chance to send over the material and information about your idea before the meeting, it would definitely help. It is especially true for those stakeholders who acts as gatekeeper. Decision maker usually ask for gatekeepers if they have question. If we can understand or even clarify / resolve those question before the meeting, you are a step closer to get your idea approved.